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Beginner’s Guide to POSITIVE Reinforcement Dog Training – For Puppies and Adults!

An introduction to what positive reinforcement methods are really about; how to use positive techniques CORRECTLY; and dispelling some myths of about positive method dog training. Videos to Watch Next: Understanding the 4 Types of R+ Training Techniques: https://youtu.be/v4ISdyzfw_o Using Rewards that are NOT Food: https://youtu.be/PK2zZSgx42A “Treat Scaling” Activity: https://youtu.be/v4ISdyzfw_o First Step in Dog Training – Marker Word https://youtu.be/-w1e2L2yKFQ How to Make Dog Training Sustainable for LIFE: https://youtu.be/x1cmUCj-bao TRAIN WITH ME!!! Interested in doing one-one-one coaching with me in order to help your dog’s mental health? I […]

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A Beginner’s Guide To Training Your Dog w/ An E-Collar | Place & Recall/Off-Leash Work

https://discord.gg/JwgpgAk https://discord.gg/JwgpgAk https://discord.gg/JwgpgAk JOIN DISCORD WITH THIS LINK INSTEAD https://discord.gg/kGXRGn Many canine instructor aren’t a fan of the Dr. Those exact same pet fitness instructors aren’t a follower of the truth, how techniques function, education and learning, standards, and responsibility. Dr. Pawfessor functions with fitness instructors and owners from all over the world, has actually mentored many individuals who are seeking an occupation in pet training, consisting of a veterinarian from Brazil, has actually been flown around the globe to assist kennels in requirement, and won’t stop […]

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🐶 A Beginners Guide to Dog Training – Dog Training USA 🐶

A Beginner’s Help guide to Canine Training. 🐶 Follow The Link In This Article To Find Out More! ➡ https://wordpress.me/p8ECHn-1Pc They are some easy steps to get ready for dog training. Behavior training training is the best way to make the most of your pet. It is also the way you provide the better to your pet just because a well-trained dog is really a happy dog. First You Must Know Your Dogs Behavior! What This Means Is A Tired Dog is a great Dog. So You […]

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